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Congratulations on your purchase of Giggy's

Giggy's Beads  jewellery is made with quality beads & Metals. Eg 24kgf , Sterling Silver , Copper & quality metals

How to take care for earrings...
Bead work is intricately woven together with love and is a delicate process of making beautiful one of a kind designs very delicate creations so here is some beads 101 etiquette

Store them  by hanging them in order to maintain their shape preferably not on metal objects as this may increases your earwires  to tarnish.

If your  earrings get wrinkled ....
It is normal for earrings to become slightly wrinkled during transport but If this happens hang upright. If hanging them upright doesn'thelp straighten them , lay them flat and use your fingers to roll the beads  back into shape.

Try not to get your earrings wet...
As the thread may shrink causing earrings to look gnarly.  Do not  bath swim do sports , when wearing your jewelry. Also being cognitive of beadwork when wearing strappy clothing, purses , seat belts, long hair ,etc as the beads can become tangled into these things causing them to pull  the strings and tear apart.

Metals  tarnishes over time, especially sterling silver. There are various ways to polish the hooks, which you can find online. A jewellery polishing cloth can be used on most metals to restore their shine. I find keeping in a plastic baggie can also help slow process of tarnishing.

If leather earrings become curled or unstraighten a flat iron can easily be use to straighten them back into shape being careful its not too hot to melt or ruin the leather.  

A common question I get is can I wear beaded earrings if I am not Indigenous?
Yes, there is a difference between   cultural appropriation  “cultural appreciation.” Purchasing beaded earrings supports Indigenous artists in your community .

Yes custom orders are welcome.
I enjoy personalized orders and helping to customize stories through my bead work .

  For lost or damaged earrings...
Get in touch and If I still have the same materials, I can remake a single earring for 50% the cost of the original set .If an ear wire becomes  separated from  earring I can attach a new one for the cost of the ear wire. Buyer must cover the cost of shipping.

Reminder that  untracked shipping is at your own risk. Giggys Beads Boutique is not responsible for any delayed or lost packages.

Giggy's Beads Boutique


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