Stone Properties:


Radiates Good Energy

Increases Relaxation, Eliminates Stress ,Purifies and Cleanses the Body, Amplifies other Crystals

Decreases Depression and Anxiety, Strengths the Spirit

Enhances Emotional Balance

Induces Relaxation

Amplifies Creativity

Increases Clarity

Druzy is a small geode formation with many crystal points shooting out of it representing the unity of the collective. It is great to use in group settings to bring clarity to all and amplify the collective creativity in a relaxed and balanced head space. Druzy is a powerful stress reliever bringing healing on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. It stimulates the imagination and awakens one to a feeling of self love and empowerment. It balances the emotional body to relieve stress, depression, sadness, and fear. 

Designs by

Giggy’s Beads Boutique

Dainty 1.3 inch Geode & Leather Necklace